Wednesday, September 30, 2015

World Schools Podcast 3 - Framing the Motion and International Tournaments

This week we have some special guests.

International debate superstar coach Sharmila Parmanand will talk with us about framing the debate, deciding where it is going to go and what will happen before the debate even starts. She will have some very practical advice. The two motions we will be discussing in some detail as regards framing are from the Winter Holidays Open to be held in Zagreb, Croatia in December:

  • This House supports a global maximum wealth limit for individuals
  • This House would make all international resolutions and treaties legally binding on members of the United Nations, making unnecessary ratification by national legislatures.

Then we will talk to Bojana Skrt, coach of the very successful WSDC team Slovenia and a member of the WSDC Executive group. She will talk about tournaments coming up in the European zone.

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This podcast is a production of the USA’s National Speech and Debate Association and the World Debate Institute at the University of Vermont. Find out about the National Speech and Debate Association at their website . Find out about the World Debate Institute at .

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

World Schools Podcast 2 - WSDC Speech by Speech

This program will go through the speeches in a WSDC debate and talk about speaker roles, duties, cautions and concerns for each position. There will also be, interwoven, a discussion about the uniqueness of the World Schools format. The guest this week is Tiana Menon, top speaker at the largest WSDC tournament ever held in the world last summer at NSDA nationals. Tiana is now a student at Harvard.

Monday, September 21, 2015

World Schools Podcast 1 - Introduction to the Format and the People

The first podcast in the series. 

A discussion of the basics of the World Schools format, led by host Alfred Snider, and then a discussion with National Speech and Debate Association Executive Director J. Scott Wunn, USA Debate Team Manager and Coach Cindi Timmons, debater Nik Angelopoulos, and Professor Steve Llano of St. John’s University in NYC, a WSDC and podcast pioneer. 

Keep tuning in.